Products Overview

In close cooperation with various surgeons we have developed a line of products that solve surgical issues.

MiniMizer Gastric Ring

In banded gastric bypass and banded gastric sleeve a non-adjustable gastric ring should be used which should be easy to place, have the correct size for that particular patient, should be visible on X-ray and be safe.

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Minimizer Extra Gastric Band

The development of the MiniMizer Extra adjustable gastric band is the result of intensive collaboration with various surgeons. Practical surgical issues have been identified, analyzed and brought to the drawing board of our Swiss engineers.

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Pinky Trigger

The Pinky Trigger is a unique reusable 5mm laparoscopic instrument, which can serve various purposes.

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P. Galore Band Introducer

When you are used to work with the classical Goldfinger™, this is the reusable instrument you have been looking for.

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Cobra Liver Retractor

Proven Endoflex™ technology brought to you at affordable prices by your partners in bariatric surgery.

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Calibration Tube

Gastric Calibration tubes come in various sorts and sizes: ranging from plain blunt suction  cannula to sophisticated tubes with lighting and stomach stretching wires or balloons.

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