P. Galore Band Introducer

When you are used to work with the classical Goldfinger™, this is the reusable instrument you have been looking for.

P. Galore Band Introducer
P. Galore Band Introducer

The original gastric band introducer

Crafted in the instrument factories of Tuttlingen, we bring back to you the reusable Goldfinger™ which was once replaced by a disposable version. With one additional curving section, making the bending tip 5mm longer, we named our device the P. Galore Band Introducer.

The tip can be bent in an angle of 100º by twisting the knob at the handpiece. In this way it can also be used as a unilateral dissector.

The P. Galore Band Introducer is available on stock for direct delivery to anywhere all over the world.

German repair facility available and one year guarantee.

When you would like to try the P. Galore Band Introducer, please do not hesitate to call us at +31 653 11 44 72 or send us an e-mail to info@bariatricsolutionsinternational.com.