About us

Bariatric Solutions International is renknowned in the field of bariatric surgery for more than a decade now. It has developed a portfolio of alternative, innovative products and will continue to do so. The company focuses all of its efforts on helping patients by providing surgeons new surgical options and improved materials to make their work safer, faster, better.

About us

What we think

Bariatric Solutions International takes suggestions and requests from surgeons and tries to incorporate them into its products. With their expertise and experience, Bariatric Solutions International has developed various new, alternative and innovative products.



The MiniMizer Extra adjustable gastric band with securing loops is a prime example of cooperation between surgeons and Bariatric Solutions.

Surgeons recognize the advantages of gastric band application without plication.

Made in Switzerland

In order to ensure that all products are made to the highest quality standards, only ISO certified subcontractors are used and the products are finally packaged and sterilized in Switzerland.